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Typical Halloween nights
On Halloween nights, everything can happen. Scary, fun, mysterious, sexy with some tips to survive. Watch it. Shot in 3 hours on a quiet saturday night with no preparation the result is still an entertaining one. Filled with my typical special effects. The film was submitted and well received on filmfights.com for the Halloween fight in 2005. It's my last short film with my old Digital 8 camera. Super amateur but funny.  

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Author: Olivier Bonenfant



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Typical Halloween nights

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Additional information

Length/Space: 00:03:50
Rating: 13+
Date published: 2005-10-17
Format: Wallpaper
General quality: 6
People's score: No scores to count

Tags: horror comedy long pumpkin knive candy apple evening night spy car japan japanese juon ju-on japon japonaise blood dead


Director/Editor/Special effects - Olivier Bonenfant

Girl - Lisa Agata
Olivier - Olivier
Guillaume/Killer - Guillaume Cholette
Couple - Mathieu Trudel and Marie-Joelle Boucher

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