Wallpapers for desktops; nothing is more essential in life. Sabotage your desktop or enhance it with these multicolored wallpapers. This is a small collection that I made available for fun a while back because I was always looking for new wallpapers on the web when the web didn't have flickr, tumblr and insta.

Wallpapers are generally offered in 3 differents formats, including the 'gigantic in 2003' 1600/1200 and the small 1024/768. Available in tattoo format too (not).

Chicago to the suburbs

All the skycrapers are great and all but what interested me was on the other side.
Length/Space: 504 k
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Score: 8

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Porthsmouth UK
You see this modern tower when arriving in Porthsmouth UK from the boat.

Length/Space: 515 k
See detailsScore: 5

St-Martins' cave
A natural cave in St-Martins, New Brunswick. Dug by Fundy's tides.

Length/Space: 1000 k
See detailsScore: 5

Brion island seals
Tens of seals are waiting for us at Brion Island a protected territory of Iles-de-la-Madeleine.

Length/Space: 567 k
See detailsScore: 7

Erosion at the Iles-de-la-Madeleine
Typical Iles-de-la-Madeleine panorama from a cliff that won't exist in 50 years.

Length/Space: 690 k
See detailsScore: 8

Shadowrun: Crossing Shadows 3
Wallpaper number 3 for the movie "Shadowrun: Crossing Shadows" available on this site.

Length/Space: 198 k
See detailsScore: 9

Shadowrun: Crossing Shadows 1
Wallpaper number 1 for the movie "Shadowrun: Crossing Shadows" available on this site.

Length/Space: 135 k
See detailsScore: 9

Stadium explosion
The destruction of the olympic stadium in Montreal.

Length/Space: 215 k
See detailsScore: 6

Apocalyptic portrait of Montreal's botanical garden.

Length/Space: 252 k
See detailsScore: 7

Countryside Mauricie
Countryside in the Mauricie region, Quebec. Electric poles and red leaves.

Length/Space: 1250 k
See detailsScore: 7

Bird meeting
Impressive gathering of birds at Brion Island in Iles-de-la-Madeleine, Quebec.

Length/Space: 1250 k
See detailsScore: 7

Lonely fence
I found this fence in Iles-de-la-Madeleine and thought it had a life of its own.

Length/Space: 961 k
See detailsScore: 8

The attraction of the masses wallpaper
Screenshot of the end of The attraction of the masses.

Length/Space: 595 k
See detailsScore: 5

Shadowrun: Crossing Shadows 2
Wallpaper number 2 for the movie "Shadowrun: Crossing Shadows" available on this site.

Length/Space: 186 k
See detailsScore: 9

Tokyo at night
Shibuya district in Tokyo. Picture taken from the Hachiko entrance for the Shibuya JR station.

Length/Space: 214 k
See detailsScore: 7

Minimalist wallpaper for black desktop lovers AND LENS FLARES!

Length/Space: 176 k
See detailsScore: 7

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