If you have playback problems with a video file, look at the paragraph "Problems with videos". To browse adequately the site you'll need Chrome, Firefox or even Edge or some old technology like Macromedia Adobe Flash. You also need a recent computer to play Full HD files in fullscreen mode. On the main page a video should start automatically. If it makes your computer go slow you can always deactivate the playback with a right click.  

VLC is probably the best option to easily play MP4 MOV files and many more.

to read Quicktime (.mov) video files.

Windows Media® Player PC and MAC
to read Windows media video (.wmv) video files.

Divx® PC Divx® MAC
to read .avi video files but I'm not sure I have any Divx file left on this site.

Problems with skins

When the site is cached in the Temporary internet files, you may see a page that isn't the one you asked for. Press "Refresh" on your browser to have the true page.

Problems with videos

The video plays slowly, or the sound doesn't match the image: This happens when you have a computer that isn't powerful enough, you should download only smaller files since they have smaller resolution. The windows media video low quality files are ideal for slow computers.

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