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Toilets in Japan
The wonderful world of toilets in Japan. Never toilets have been more fun. A crappy commercial mocking crappier commercials and it's about toilets in Japan. Crappy indeed. Was shown first on filmfights.com.  

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For more information and funny pictures about Japan visit vlogjapan.com

Author: Olivier Bonenfant



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Toilets in Japan

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Com.15: The randomness of the subject was really good, and I liked the fancy toilet thing, but it was just a little too long and strung out for me. (Comment from the filmfights.com forums)
By : The Dude
Date: 2004-05-08 15:42:47
Score given: NA

Com.14: Some parts were funny. The text on the screen was good/realistic. Overall it was just...weird. Nothing wrong with weird, but it was weird. (Comment from the filmfights.com forums)
By : Crazygopher
Date: 2004-05-08 15:42:13
Score given: NA

Com.13: A little boring. It seemed like a lot more effort could have been put into the editing. Because it just looked like you were just playing around with it and later added the voice over. A few silly parts but it wasn't all that entertaining. (Comment from the filmfights.com forums)
By : Dork457
Date: 2004-05-08 15:41:43
Score given: NA

Com.12: I found your video amusing because I've actually been to Japan and found that those toilets really need to come with better instruction. I pity the guy who had to protect himself from the wiping water. Unfortunately it didn't strike me as a specatular movie. (Comment from the filmfights.com forums)
By : TruEmerald
Date: 2004-05-08 15:41:17
Score given: NA

Com.11: I thought we went over this in the past, no toliet videos lol. I liked your video though. I never knew all that shit was in japan. Amazing. Good quality, well done. (Comment from the filmfights.com forums)
By : DHermit
Date: 2004-05-08 15:41:03
Score given: NA

Com.10: I love the hand dryer. The japaness stuff intresting to look at. and the cheap sex was funny. (Comment from the filmfights.com forums)
By : skatesurferdude
Date: 2004-05-08 15:40:40
Score given: NA

Com.9: Wow, 2 movies about Japan this week. Crazytalk. Interesting conept and movie. It seemed more of a commerical than an educational movie. If this week's topic was Infomerical I would think it should win. I loved your South Park-style movie much more. (Comment from the filmfights.com forums)
By : millertime83
Date: 2004-05-08 15:40:19
Score given: NA

Com.8: I really enjoyed this film at the beginning. The topic at hand was perfect for this fight, it was something that we quite possibly might learn something from. Except for Jamie, cause he kinda lives there. But as the film progressed it lost its structure. The part with the ass cleaner on the toilet could've been brilliant, yet it fell to a Jackass low. You could've shown us all the numerous, useless features of a Japanese toilet. I still enjoyed the film, it fit the fight perfectly and it will definately throw punches. (Comment from the filmfights.com forums)
By : thegaumont
Date: 2004-05-08 15:39:51
Score given: NA

Com.7: Could have done without the lengthy intro about Japan into the actual toilet stuff. Good toilet footage and overall funny concept. Had the feel of a really crappy infomercial, which is a good thing. VO was nice, annoying but not to the point of angering me, just enough to make it funny. Extras at the end made me laugh. Solid work. (Comment from the filmfights.com forums)
By : Feral
Date: 2004-05-08 15:39:27
Score given: NA

Com.6: I thought the idea was original and it was well done but I just thought it was too long to keep my attention. But I mean, overall it was still great. (Comment from the filmfights.com forums)
By : Will
Date: 2004-05-08 15:38:45
Score given: NA

Com.5: Holy crap, japanese toilets are outsdbrilliant. Built in futuristic sticks that wash your asshole? WHAT WILL THEY THINK OF NEXT. I think this documentary would have been much much funnier if you did the whole thing in your native german (if that is your native language.) Though some parts made me laugh anyways like this is so good, im going to call my wife now! and finding sex tapes in shinjuku Tee hee hee... shinjuku. That one part where the toilet didnt work could have been cut out because basically nobody needs to see you struggling to get it to work, im thinking. But good stuff all in all. (Comment from the filmfights.com forums)
By : Outsdbrilliant
Date: 2004-05-08 15:38:21
Score given: NA

Com.4: Woo, I like your logo. The film was insanely fast-paced and well-randomized. I think the advantage of having foreign culture right outside your... well all around you, helped you out there. If Griffin pulled one of these, he'd get yelled at coz there was too much NY footage. This was good tho. The funniest part was the washer. Interesting way to incorporate education into your film, I liked the concept and the butt washer, but that was about it. (Comment from the filmfights.com forums)
By : Mush
Date: 2004-05-08 15:37:56
Score given: NA

Com.3: Pros: Heheh, really funny video. That narrator is great. A lot of cool one liners Cons: Seems more like an advertisement. (Comment from the filmfights.com forums)
By : helterskelter
Date: 2004-05-08 15:37:33
Score given: 8

Com.2: Good voice over. It made me chuckle. I want to visit Japan now. (Comment from the filmfights.com forums)
By : njfilmcore
Date: 2004-05-08 15:36:50
Score given: NA

Com.1: I actually 1st heard about you guys when you used to talk in the Instant Classic forums, I was suprised to see you guys made movies on Filmfights too. Anyway, to the review. Overall, I didn't really see much special about the video. It got kind of long.. but hey, maybe that's my short attenti- (Comment from the filmfights.com forums)
By : therev
Date: 2004-05-08 15:35:34
Score given: NA

Com.0: I feel like this one could be a bit shorter and not suffer. Your voice over is great ... you're german, not Japanese, right? Sounds a lot like a Japanese VO which I think adds a lot to the piece. The screen is very active at all times, and you've got a lot of excellent shots. I really like seeing a quality shot for only a couple seconds or less. It's kind of throwaway and it says Yeah, maybe other filmmakers would stick with this shot for a while since it's awesome, but I got a whole bag full of these awesome shots, so it ain't no thang. Lodwick and I were speaking on that topic a couple weeks ago. (Comment from the filmfights.com forums)
By : Justin
Date: 2004-05-08 15:34:45
Score given: NA

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Additional information

Length/Space: 00:03:09
Rating: G
Date published: 2003-03-24
Format: Wallpaper
General quality: 5
People's score: 8

Tags: trailer short comedy


Director/Special effects/Voice - Olivier Bonenfant

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