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The main collection with shorts shot in Australia, Quebec, Madagascar, France, Belgium, Russia, Sweden and the USA. Most were created and screened in 24 to 96 hours for Kino Kabaret non-commercial, collaborative events. It's all very spontaneous, fun, creative and weird. Films can be downloaded in HD and a SD file can be played from the site. The Score represents which films I suggest to see first and then explore further when you get a feel for it.  

Weather Forecast

Something is wrong about this weather forecast. Maybe it's the temperature. Maybe it's the weatherman. Maybe it's the green screen.

2016   |   Running time: 00:05:16   |   Score: 5
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6 groups of people in 6 different locations will each experience something strange and potentially distressing with their clothes.
2016   |   Running time: 00:11:41   |   Score: 9
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Two malagasy are in a bar spending too much on beer to meet good looking girls who are preferring vazaha men.
2013   |   Running time: 00:05:00   |   Score: 8
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A collection of architectural beauties, modified, deformed and accompanied by sounds from everyday life in the transports of Melbourne.
2015   |   Running time: 00:02:42   |   Score: 6
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It's crazy out there
It's crazy out there if you judge by the news. But do you even believe the news. Oh, but you're not watching the news, you're watching life. What's the difference really, it's just crazy out there.
2020   |   Running time: 00:01:50   |   Score: 8
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Holy valley
A short subject documentary about Judas, someone who has a somewhat religious name and somewhat religious abilities who may need a boost from a calm place.
2016   |   Running time: 00:06:10   |   Score: 5
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Certified Organic
In the redlight district of Brussels, a man is looking for a specific type of prostitute. It quickly becomes an obsession.
2014   |   Running time: 00:04:32   |   Score: 8
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Air rage
A pilot has to deal with an unresponsive plane but in that flight path the plane difficulties may not be the worst thing about the situation.
2018   |   Running time: 00:06:37   |   Score: 8
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After missing his bus Jerome chooses to walk to work, taking stimulants to get there. It will be intense.
2012   |   Running time: 00:07:15   |   Score: 9
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A day in Melbourne is made more interesting by the playfulness of a lonely girl and her imitations of the city's murals. It gets weird.
2015   |   Running time: 00:04:00   |   Score: 6
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An accomplished hunter is training his friend to make him a competent hunting partner. Their patience is rewarded.
2011   |   Running time: 00:05:28   |   Score: 8
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A red-light camera is catching all infractions from a busy intersection but gets bored after a while and tries to go beyond its assigned intersection and tasks to find more infractions.
2016   |   Running time: 00:06:01   |   Score: 5
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Cutting edge
A producer brings a hard drive to an artist who needs to create the visual effects on a teaser of a trailer for a big film. The problem is that guy doesn't seem to have a computer at all.
2015   |   Running time: 00:04:20   |   Score: 5
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Bad Neighborhood
Two guys are lost in an unfamiliar neighborhood until they try to climb a wall to get to a vantage point and see their surroundings.
2015   |   Running time: 00:04:20   |   Score: 6
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